Fourteen years ago, the company that would become The Far Eastern TV was founded. After filming at many overseas locations, and delivering entertainment from all over the world, we are proud to announce the grand opening of our newest office in the land of sunshine, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

For those who have experiences traveling overseas, looking at a map you may find that only the places you have visited seem to stand out with spotlight. Through our shows, we hope to bring a feeling of closer connection to the world, including viewers who have never been overseas. And through the power of comedy we hope to teach about different cultures and values. It is with this goal as our guiding principal and with the full support of the Los Angeles office that we hope to realize this dream through our shows.

With the opening of the Los Angeles office and an ever expanding global perspective, we aim to create products and develop business as an international enterprise in a way that will be helpful in enriching people's lives.